Overseas customers

Notice for all overseas customers:

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Due the new Brazilian postal service’s regulations, we are unnable to ship directely from our website.

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In simple words, for each destination country are some particularities that must be see individually.

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For this reason, if you are interested on buying from us, please send an email to semperfihobbies@gmail.com.

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All international orders must be paid through Paypal – safer for us and you.

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Bellow are the minimum postage service values (in Brazilian reais) for each region and using economic service (trackable, 17 – 21 days):

Europe ____________  R$172,00

North America _______ R$162,00

South America _______ R$126,00

Africa _____________ R$222,00

Israel _____________ R$182,00

Middle East ________ R$222,00

Asia  _____________ R$182,00

Australia / New Zealand _____________ R$182,00

Central America and Russia – no service available


*These values and regions can be changed at any time

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Important note: even inside a region, it could be possible that some countries still remain out of our possibilities – so, send us an email to confirm.

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In some cases, it could be possible to use other service (more expensive but not necessarily faster) than the economic – again, please, ask us.